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Vikings renew the professional bowl angle Wei this person had Beckham struggling

Minnesota Vikings continue to try to keep their own outstanding players.

The Vikings agreed to renew the contract with Xavier Rhodes for a five-year contract worth $ 70 million. The contract includes $ 41 million in guaranteed income, plus $ 12 million in signing bonuses.

Rhodes in the first round of the 2013 draft was selected, his last year's salary in the rookie contract reached $ 802.6 million.

27-year-old Rhodes was named to the professional bowl for the first time last season, and one of his shining performances was in the fourth week against the New York Giants, limiting the giant to take over Odell Beckham Jr.

Rhodes perfect both physical ability and speed, which makes him in the Vikings Bureau has an aggressive defense as the outer angle guard.

Last season, Rhodes made five steals ranked first in the team, which is his career high data, and he was in 2003 since the steals up to the Vikings players.

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A  few days before Rhodes was renewed, the Vikings and Everson Griffen signed a high-priced contract. Then the lineline Anthony - Barr (Anthony Barr) may be the next player to get a renewal. Keep good players to ensure that the Vikings can continue to perform well

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[Texans News Express] Strong facing suspensions issued by the SR911_9 Bo in NFL · NFL football games due to the violation of the league's substance abuse policy outside, took over Jaelon Strong team will be suspended for a penalty. The league's punishment for him was in February 2016, where he was arrested for possession of marijuana in Scottsdale, Arizona. He tried to appeal from the punishment, but was eventually rejected by the league. The first week of the regular season, the Houston Texas and Jacksonville Jaguars in the game, the fans will not see Strong on the pitch figure. Strong can only wait until September 11, the team and the Jaguar after the game, to rejoin. Texas in the 2015 round of the third round of the election up to choose Strong, was widely considered by experts is a very high talent of the players, Texas in the three rounds can be selected to Strong is picked up a big cheap. But from the performance of the past two seasons, Strong's performance is not satisfactory, playing a few opportunities, 32 regular season only 18 appearances. 2015 season, he played 10 times only completed 14 times to catch the ball to raise 161 yards won three touchdowns; 2016 season, he played 8 times 14 times catch the ball 131 yards no touchdowns, but also the eighth week with the lion's An ankle injury early in the season. This season, he played in two preseason games, a total of 3 to 3 3 in 29 yards 1 touchdowns results. For the Texas people, the current takeover position suffered injuries. II team took over the main outer Will Fuller because fractures collarbone in training camp will miss at least six regular-season games; outside the main groove to take over Braxton Miller is currently an ankle injury, missed the preseason with the Patriots last weekend. In this year's NBA draft, the team took over the position and did not reinforce. Currently, the team in the hands of an external, relatively good performance is just taken over Bruce Ellington from 49 people to join, but he first represented the Texans played in the preseason with the Patriots, the show and catch the ball after the race The ability to advance the whole game to produce 5 then 4 in 93 yards results, as the number of pass goals, complete the number of catch and catch the ball number are the first team. In the absence of Will Fuller due to injury, Ellington will have the opportunity to compete for the location of the first pick-up. For Texans already have the league's top defensive strength, in the 2017 NBA Draft first round of the election to the quarterback Deshaun Watson, the intention to improve the team's offensive strength, but if there are not enough, good enough to catch the anchor, While the team to take over the number one outside DeAndre Hopkins catch the ball pressure, Texas first half of the season will become difficult game. [Love board] Patriots take over Edelman knee injury was sent back to the locker room - NFL football field - NFL community (Click to buy Madden NFL 18 Coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Outside [message boards] the Patriots took a knee injury Edelman was sent back to the locker publishe d by the iron will of the Celtics in the NFL · NFL football games on behalf of @PatriotsJ the face of a lion, Edelman shine in the first wave of attack Patriot , But he finished three times after catching the ball away from injury due to injury. In his third catch advance, Edelman was injured in a non-contact knee, staggered to leave. He can return to the court has been questioned. According to more than one journalist at the scene, Edelman went to the cart and returned to the locker room after receiving a simple check. Before leaving, Edelman finished 3 times and advanced 57 yards. From the NFLAndroid client Houston Texas take over Jia Lun - Strong is suspended from a game - NFL football field - NFL community
Houston Texans wide receiver Jia Lun - Armstrong was banned for one game published by bigblue_nyg took Jia Lun outside the NFL · NFL Houston Texans football field - Strong (Jaelen Strong) would be prohibited from participating in the new season opener. Strong will be able to return to the team on September 11 big list, September 10 Texas will usher in the regular season against the Jacksonville Jaguar. He is currently able to attend all preseason training and competitions. After being suspended, Stellam filed an appeal but was dismissed. Strong in February 2016 arrested for carrying marijuana in Arizona. In the two players played in the Texas, Strong played 18 games, including the first three games, a total of 28 times to complete the 292 yards 3 times touchdowns. According to the Texas coach team, Strong said he was stable in training camps and preseason games. In two preseason games, he finished in the limited playing time 3 times to get 29 yards 1 touchdowns. This ban led to Texas, who took over the position in the regular season opener to further face the problem of shortage of manpower. Outside Will Willer is expected to miss the first month of the season due to a clavicle fracture. Braxton Miller was troubled by knee injuries. As for the star outside took over De Andre - Hopkins (DeAndre Hopkins), he has been due to the hands of minor injuries missed for some time. Robert - Griffin III finally cut long hair - NFL football field - NFL community

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Late flag newspaper: If West Ham handsome, Benitez and Mancini is the biggest popular _FIFA 18 NEWS international football news
FIFA 18 NEWS September 5 news "London late flag newspaper" news, Mancini became a successor to become the West Ham coach coach of one of the leading candidates, if West Ham's results did not significantly improve, then the team may change hands The If West Ham decided to coaching hands, Zenit coach is Newcastle coach Benitez after the second popular. Billy's three-game losing streak of the Premiership is now under pressure, if lost to Huddersfield next week, will only exacerbate his rumors. Benitez has said it was unhappy with Newcastle's signings, and West Ham would have to pay $ 5 million if he wanted to get him. Former Manchester City coach Mancini last season and West Ham have contact, when Billy led his unit when the poor state, the Italians once witnessed appeared in the stands. In addition to make him worse, the boss Sullivan revealed Bilic lost Kerry Huowei Keke and Sangsisi, both joined West Ham's Premier League opponents. Mamba Feet Monaco fans: You may hate me, but I am very grateful to you _FIFA 18 NEWS International Football News
FIFA 18 NEWS  Mumbai today in Twitter on the issue of a letter to the Monaco fans, he said; although many Monaco fans do not understand me to join Paris, but I am still very grateful to you. I know that many of you are dissatisfied with my move to Paris, and you will boo me on the court, but I understand your feelings. ; I think we may have some misunderstanding in terms of information transmission, I have never changed, people around me have never changed. You can hate me, angry with me, but you can not stop me miss you, like you. I am very grateful to you. He also specifically wrote a paragraph to the club and teammates of the text. ; If I still stay in Monaco, then it must be because you (teammates) in. In this letter, he thanked all the staff of Monaco and thanked the club vice-chairman Vahyev. Borini: back to Serie A for the national team, in Milan half an English translation _FIFA 18 NEWS international football news
FIFA 18 NEWS September 5 hearing Borini revealed that he transferred part of the motive of Milan is that he considered his future in the Italian national team. Borini is a member of Italy into the 2012 European Cup squad, but he did not participate in the final stage of the game and only 1 national team selected record. He told Radio 105 :; in the Rossoneri I felt very good and I was adapting to a multi-nationality group. I feel like I need to go back to Serie A and also for my national team. When you play abroad, this is a lot more complicated. ; The enthusiasm here is very incredible, see San Siro filled with fans make people very happy. I am a bit like a translation, because my English is very good. Some players are very young, so I have to play a dual role, but that's fine. ; Match in Milan Nello? Sometimes you make every effort, it depends on the importance of the game. If we lose, we have to run more so the competition will be more competitive. ; And when you get closer to Sunday's game, training becomes more serious and normal. ;pressure? I easily face the pressure to do something I often do. I do not read the newspaper and live an ordinary life. When I get home, I can completely decouple myself.
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